AHH CHU!!! Watery Nose On The Loose

Illustration, Process

I’m in the process of scanning in old projects, process journals and sketches. It’s neat to go back and revisit the journey that brought me to where I am today. One of my favorite parts about going through old drawings is stumbling upon those concepts that didn’t quite make it, the fugitives that for whatever reason were discarded or deemed less worthy.


One project I came across that never fully materialized, was this rather absurd series inspired by  fellow artist, Sami Hinckley. After a few cocktails and high on life, Sami turned to me frantically looking for a tissue and exclaimed, “I’m so emotional, that’s why my nose keeps watering!” I burst out laughing. First at the idea of her nose having autonomous, sensitive feelings. Second, imagining that nose supplying emoltionaly rich water to a growing seed. Third, wondering whether these sporadic waves of emotion would effect the seed’s growth and health. Lastly, that somehow her nose just can’t stop pouring water. Just how much water are we talking about, how deep in are we! Luckily thing settled down a bit, we did not drown in snot, and I found a tissue for her to wipe her ‘watery’ nose.

Although that project took  another turn, I thought the sketches for this concept were particularly endearing. I’m considering making an animation or gif for the emotional nose. Because hey,  who’s to say noses don’t have feelings. Sorry for turning my back on you young nose, maybe one day we will make something of you and your fountain of emotion.



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