Coat of Arms


Yesterday I worked on an illustration for my brother’s most recent song, Coat of Arms. The first time he played the song for me I pictured Simon and Garfunkel riding unicorns into space.  

In tune with the 70s/80s, I made a sparkle dreamscape in the shape of a coat of arms. Referencing the Neverending story, I have a noble sphinx guarding the shield to the left. In the center, a burning sun shield inspired by Shiva. On the right, a dancing unicorn as one of the mounted supporters. The three characters describe the armed women in the song.

Stylistically, the illustration is still a bit raw. I left it as a pencil drawing, as if a kid sketched it in hopes to escape to another world, or perhaps, it was a drawing he found in a book that would transport him to that magical place.

At some point I will go back in with pinks and purples to make it into the true 80s dreamscape it was meant to be, but for now, black and white looks just fine. 



Check out the song here!



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Her coat of arms
Was red and yellow
And blazed bright as a fire

It scorched my hand
And left a brand
A burning coat of arms

Her coat of arms
Was pink and blue
And vibrant as the sun

So light and free
It stayed with me
A dancing coat of arms

Her coat of arms
Was black and purple
And nobly restrained

So bold and stark
It left a mark
A regal coat of arms


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